Twin stars Name a Star Gift

Gift pack composition

  • 2 x quality printed certificates with golden ornaments
    Each certificate contains names you give to your binary stars, their coordinates, names of the persons to whom it is dedicated and your private message
  • 1 x Zodiac information letter which tells you everything about your chosen constellation
  • 1 x entry in our database for binary stars
  • 1 x stars datasheet
  • 1 x  beautiful folder to keep your certificate secure.

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Twin stars orbiting together as a symbol of love

Celebrate love and friendship and name binary stars, orbiting together in the sky. Binary stars are a system of two stars in which one star revolves around the other or both revolve around a common centre.

Offer a gift which is specially tailored for twins or couples and includes two identical star attribution certificates.


Last order for Christmas delivery is 19/12/2018 in the UK; 13/12/2018 outside the UK.



Certificate in another language

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