All your questions answered about our unusual gifts

What is it star naming?

Star naming is an online service when any individual can symbolically attribute a name to star from our star catalogue. The name will be registered in our star registry and you will receive a gift certificate of attribution.

How do I name a star?

You can name a star in our star registry by purchasing one of our star gift packages (the Quick Star package, The Zodiac package or the Twin Stars package).

You will need to choose a name/names for your star(s), choose a constellation if applicable, choose a registration date, write a name of the person to whom it is dedicated and type a personal message.

What can I call a star?

You can give your star whatever name you wish. It should be between 3 and 30 characters. Please note that we will not print any kind of abusive or insulting content. If you submit abusive content we will not deliver your gift and we will not offer a refund.

Are the stars named more than once in the registry?

No, stars name named just once in our registry. With billions of stars in the universe, the star you name will be unique to you.

Is the star name recognised by astronomers?

Scientists all over the world name stars in astronomical star catalogues such as the Hipparcos catalogue. Generally, astronomers give stars numbers rather than names to make identifying them easier. Though so of the brighter stars have ancient Arabic names. Naming your star is a symbolic gesture and is not recognised by the International Astronomical Union. All the information about your star is kept only in our registry. We can’t provide any legal attribution to the stars.

What is the star naming registry?

Each time when a star is named on our website we process it and record in our star registry. EStarRegistry is a commercially-managed database in which star namings are recorded, administered and audited.

Our star registry is based on the Hipparcos catalogue. The Hipparcos is a scientific star catalogue in which all stars are numbered, we attribute a name against a number.

What does a gift pack contain?

Each product is different.

Quick star is an electronic pdf certificate sent by email. You can upgrade this gift pack to Zodiac at any time.

Zodiac gift contains a luxury certificate with golden printing, a congratulation letter, an information letter, all in a beautiful folder.

Twin stars gift is similar to Zodiac but contains a certificate with two binary stars coordinates.


Star attribution certificate

Star attribution certificate EStarRegistry

Congratulation letter

Gift folder

Gift pack

Name a star gift set open folder

I made a mistake in typing my personal information, can correct it?

You can amend your order up to 12 hours after payment has been made. To amend your order please write to orders@estarregistry.com . You will need to provide your name and unique registration number, which can be found in your order confirmation email. If you wish to submit amends more than 12 hours after your payment has been made, all changes will be performed at an extra cost of £6 including delivery. Please bear in mind that any amends may delay the delivery of your gift.

Can I order an additional copy of my certificate?

Yes! To order an additional copy of your star name registration certificate please write to orders@estarregistry.com . You will need to provide your name and unique registration number, which can be found in your order confirmation email. Additional certificates are charged at £6 including delivery.

Do you check my spelling?

No, we don’t, we keep the spelling as you have provided. If you think there is a typo, please right to us at orders@estarregistry.com. If your order is not printed yet, we will not charge you, if not we will charge £6.

Can I name a star in a different language?

Yes, you can.

We provide a certificate in a Spanish, French and Arabic for an additional cost of £1. Please choose it as extra during the checkout.

We will not provide you with the translation of the whole pack items. The name of your star and the dedication will appear in the language you write to us. We reserve the right of changing the styling of the text on the certificate to match your language characters if is not Latin.

How long is the star name attribution valid?

Each entry in our star registry is registered forever. We do not remove any entries and we do name the stars from our catalogue twice.

How is the pack delivered?

Delivery within the United Kingdom
If you select The Zodiac package or the Twin Stars package, your gift will be delivered by Royal Mail 1st Class delivery within the United Kingdom. Standard delivery is free for all star packages.

International Delivery
We send our packages by Standard International Delivery service by Royal Mail. We are unable to provide a tracking number for this service.

What shall I do if my gift has not been delivered?

If you have not received your order please write to orders@estarregistry.com . You will need to provide your name and unique registration number, which can be found in your order confirmation email.

We will send you a copy of your gift immediately.

How long does delivery take?

We dispatch all the gifts on the next working day.

Deliveries within United Kingdom
Usually, it takes 1-3 days for Royal Mail to deliver our gifts.

International Deliveries
Royal Mail aims to deliver items to Europe within 3 to 5 working after posting and rest of world destinations within 5 to 7 working days.

Can I return my gift?

Our goal is to give customers the same joy we have when we look up at the night sky. That is why we offer the money back guarantee. If your gift package does not meet your expectations, we will provide you with a full refund within 10 working days of return of your gift package. Please note that the returned items must be in good condition. You will need to explain explicitly what happened and why you would like to return the gift, you will need your registration number. All the return requests should be addressed to orders@estarregistry.com .

Can I cancel my order?

Your order can be cancelled up to 18 hours after payment for your purchase has been made. To cancel your order please write to orders@estarregistry.com . You will need to provide your name and unique registration number, which can be found in your order confirmation email.

Are you a registered business?

Yes, we are.

EStarRegistry is operated by Giftoliser Limited, registered Offices A13-A14, Champion Business Park, Arrowe Brook Road, Wirral CH49 0AB.

Which payment do you accept?

Paying for your gift is completely safe and secure, all the payments are processed by Stripe using industry-leading encryption and fraud prevention tools. We do not store credit card details nor do we share details with any 3rd parties.

We accept the major credit cards:
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Money back guarantee

We want you to have no surprises when you name your star. That is why we list all items you will receive in your gift pack so you know what to expect. If your gift does not live up to your expectations we will work tirelessly to get you the gift you expect or offer you a full refund within 10 working days.

Is it possible to order a star as a corporate gift?

Name a star is an excellent way to reward your employees or offer unusual gifts to your clients. We can offer iterations in the design of the certificate for corporate orders, including incorporating your logo and some elements of branding.

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