What is it star naming?

Star naming is an online gift service when any individual can symbolically attribute a name to a star from our star catalogue. The name will be registered in our star registry and you will receive a gift certificate of attribution which can be electronic or printed, please refer to the product you purchase.

How do I buy a star?

Your can purchase Name a Star Gift pack from one of our partners.

What can I call a star?

You can give your star whatever name you wish. It should be between 3 and 30 characters. Please note that we will not register with any kind of abusive or insulting content.

Are the stars named more than once in the registry?

No, stars named just once in our registry. With billions of stars in the universe, the star cooridnated you name will be unique to you.

Is the star name recognised by astronomers?

Scientists all over the world name stars in astronomical star catalogues such as the Hipparcos catalogue. Generally, astronomers give stars numbers rather than names to make identifying them easier. Though so of the brighter stars have ancient Arabic names. Naming your star is a symbolic gesture and is not recognised by the International Astronomical Union or wider scientific community. All the information about your star is kept only in our registry. We can’t provide any legal attribution to the stars.

How long is the star name attribution valid?

Each entry in our star registry is registered forever. We do not remove any entries and we do not name the stars from our catalogue twice.

What is the star registry?

Each time when a star is named on our website we process it and record in our star registry. EStarRegistry is a commercially-managed database in which star namings are recorded, administered and audited.

Our star registry is based on the Hipparcos catalogue. The Hipparcos is a scientific star catalogue in which all stars are numbered, we attribute a name to a number.

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